Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fedora 11 Status

Since the last announcement of F-11 packages, a large number of packages have further been built. There currently are above 9000 rpms in the Fedora-11 repositories. Our effort has been to make available the following package groups:

Gnome Desktop
Xfce desktop
Development Tools
X server
Web development
Admin Tools
System Tools

The Fedora-11 updates for a large set of packages are also now available.

For Fedora-12, we would like to start tracking packages preferably when all the shared lib .so version updates are settled for f12 (thus avoiding any additional rebuild cycles at our end). Most likely this will happen by the Fedora-12 Beta Freeze date (29 Sept, in 3/4 days).

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  1. Good to see progress. Can you make sure your blog is aggregated in Planet Fedora?