Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quick rehash

A quick rehash of what all has been happening thus far:

F-11 tracking is in-progress. koji-shadow was shadowing builds for f-11 for the main fedora koji server. I was expecting it to run more independently, but that hasn't yet happened because of the "prefer-new" option. It pulls in additional dependencies, that have to be taken care of manually.

Recently, koji-shadow is also running into some Python Traceback Issues. I have requested dgilmore to look into it.

In the meanwhile, we are using koji to perform an F-11 bootstrap the way we did for F-10. The only difference being, this time it will be done using koji. If we get there with this method faster than koji-shadow, great!

F-10 --> F-11` --> F-11 (for the basic set of 2000 rpms or ~450 SRPMS)

Thanks to koji and scripting, we have already built 400 of these SRPMS for the F-11` within a span of 3 days. The others are build/dep failures.

But what that means is that, once we have F-11' complete (with patched packages etc.) going to F-11 will only be a 5/6 day effort, since build deps are already fixed.

Now to fix the deps failures first...

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