Saturday, June 6, 2009

Second phase of the bootstrap build ..

After some hiccups, the second pass for the F-11 builds from F11` has been finally scheduled.

Yesterday, there was an issue with unicode encoding in some package's "provides" tag.
Basically, there is a koji utility called "mergerepos" which (as the name suggests) merges multiple repos into one. This is required because we use something called "external repos" (The F-11` repo is attached as an external repo to the build tag). Since, we need to merge the repo generated out of the build tag and the external repo, mergerepos comes into the picture. Now, some of the font packages (baekmuk-ttf-batang-fonts-2.2-21.fc11.noarch.rpm, baekmuk-ttf-gulim-fonts-2.2-21.fc11.noarch.rpm, baekmuk-ttf-dotum-fonts-2.2-21.fc11.noarch.rpm, baekmuk-ttf-hline-fonts-2.2-21.fc11.noarch.rpm, sazanami-mincho-fonts-0.20040629-7.20061016.fc11.noarch.rpm) had unicode/random encoding in their "provides" tag. "mergerepos" didn't seem to handle it pretty well and it used to fail.
Since, luckily, not many packages seem to depend on these font packages, we have removed this packages from the F-11` set.
(We have reported the issue to the maintainer and he is having a look at it)

After this, some time was spent on coming to a closure. There were some missing deps here and there. Nothing major here. Just had to add these packages to the dist-f11-build-bs tag and we were good to go.

The second pass has started now. Hoping that a good set will be built over the weekend :)

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