Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fedora-ARM 12 is available!

Fedora-ARM 12 is now available.

The RFS is available at:

The following package groups are available: Base, Core, Base-X, GNOME-Desktop, XFCE-Desktop, Java, Java-Development, Admin-Tools, System-Tools, Web Server, and commonly used embedded packages.

As usual it is built for ARMv5 EABI, soft-float, little endian.

For more details head to:


  1. Why is it that a yum repolist on my Fedora 11 shows 11,000 pakages while on my Fedora12 box it is less than 5000? I see new pakages being built in koji regularly for F12 why are they not being pushed out to the repo?

  2. We recently finished the build pass... the packages should be in the repos in a couple of days..

  3. I am running Angstrom on my beagleboard. Want to try Fedora-Arm just because Fedora has more choice of packages and possibly better tools to create custom rootfs.

    Any pointers to building custom rootfs for fedora-arm will be very helpful?

  4. I am trying to run a file that requires java and am usinfg FedoraRFS .It does not have java installed on to the RFS.
    need to know how to add install java to fedora ARM RFS.
    Please suggest .
    Mukul Modak