Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gnome and Fedora-12 on ARM

Here are some screenshots of my kirkwood DB (1.2 GHz and 512 MB RAM, Matrox G550 graphics card) running Gnome. Pretty neat!
I am going to try XFCE desktop over the weekend. Lets see how that goes...

Here is a picture of my setup (taken 6 months ago)
(click to enlarge)

Another awesome Fedora release!


  1. How usable is GNOME/XFCE and Fierfox on this platform. I am considering buying an Open-RD client board and I asm not sure if performance is acceptable.


  2. Depends on your use-case. You ofcourse cannot use it as your primary working machine :-D

    I have tried the Gnome+firefox and XFCE+midori combination. Midori on XFCE looks good speed-wise and has the minimal functionality you expect of a browser. Firefox crashes on my system after a while (15 min or so, even if there's no activity) with a segmentation fault. We're looking into it.

    The OpenRD client's hardware compares with the board I have and XFCE on it is smooth. Gnome gives a miniscule lag, but no so much as to make it unusable.

  3. hello nice work! could this run into n900 ? It would be nice to have sth linke this in n900! I admire your work!

  4. Some has at least gotten to the console for the N900.

  5. Hey, just wondering what UI font that is??

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