Thursday, July 2, 2009

The gcc-java rpm

Wrote: /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/armv5tel/gcc-java-4.4.0-0.34.fa3.armv5tel.rpm :-)

That was good.. And now for the bootstrapping of the java subsystem packages. From what I hear it is HARD...!

lennert> kedars: okay, so then java bootstrapping is next
lennert> kedars: that should be fun, with all the circular build deps
kedars> lennert: you bet, I guess most of them have some bootstrap option or the other :)
lennert> kedars: yeah, which have rotten and don't work :)
lennert> kedars: e.g. ant is a lot of fun
lennert> kedars: it needs 3 or 4 passes or so
kedars> oh!
kedars> rpmbuild -ba --define 'with_bootstrap 1' /root/rpmbuild/SPECS/ant.spec
kedars> error: Failed build dependencies:
kedars> :)
lennert> don't think it'll be easy! :)
sharkcz> we were bootstrapping the java stuff on s390x recently and I can tell you it's a nightmare :-)
* kedars shudders
sharkcz> everything is in so you can use it as a reference

Sounds like fun ! :-)

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