Friday, July 10, 2009

Java Bootstrap:Part 3

After about ~36 hours of build time, java-1.6.0-openjdk rpms were finally built :-) albeit in bootstrap mode.

Trying to build avalon-framework. That needs avalon-logkit, which again needs avalon-framework. Pick the logkit jars from x86 and build avalon-framework.

Turns out the add-group-pkg thing that I had done with xml-commons-apis and sinjdoc (discussed in Part2) didn't go quite well. The way koji performs chroot setup is
1. install default build pkg group
2. init mock user by keeping mock uid/gid constant in the builder and the chroot.
3. install BuildRequires deps.

My adding these two packages in the default group, pulled in a few other packages which install user/group in the chroot in step 1 above. Thus in step 2 when mock tried to create mock uid/gid, the identifiers clashed with those already setup, thus failing the chroot setup itself.

Ok, so I took these packages out of the default package group, and included it explicitly in failing pkgs's BuildRequires.
With this I could build clean packages: java_cup, xml_commons_resolver, jlex, junit and regexp cleanly with only the BuildRequires included.

Now quite a few pkgs required jdom. It depends on xalan-j2. Copy from x86, and rebuild. worked.

Ok, now try to build classpathx-jaf. It failed with some error. Looks like the failed symbols are provided by classpathx-jaf itself. Copied the jars and trying to rebuild again. No luck.

There were some links to /etc/alternatives, that I was not copying which should have been done. Let me try that, probably that is why xerces-j2 was not getting built.

Great! that worked.

Somehow that didn't quite fix the problem of classpathx-jaf
Let me try classpathx-mail. That did work.

Now jakarta-commons-collections is needed by quite a few other things, but that BuildRequires ant-junit, which is something I don't have yet. I'll build with nodeps, lets see where it goes... Didn't quite work.. I thought so.. Hmm.. I'll probably have to rebuild ant such that it includes junit. But before that, lets see if the copying of contents of the x86 ant-junit rpm works... Did. Great!

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