Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Java Bootstrap:Part 4

Ok, the sinjdoc/xml-commons-apis dependencies is causing a real problem in build packages. Let me rebuild ant with bootstrap, and include these two in its install dependencies. Done.

Built packages antlr, jakarta-oro in koji.

Manyally built packages werken-xpath and wsdl4j in my setup (they needed xalan-j2 and ant-junit respectively) which is copied from x86 in my buildroot.

Ok, mx4j seems to be quite a critical packages, and its set of dependencies is huggeeee. I am just going the copy-x86 route with this package and build other packages. Built geronimo-specs manually based on this. It used the java-1.6.0 openjdk compiler (Just wondering whether it should have used java-1.5.0-gcj). I guess we'll find out...

Now built log4j which required jms (geronimo-specs)

Now velocity and bcel have a circular dependency. I am going to copy velocity build bcel, and then rebuild velocity. And additional there is avalon-logkit dependency in there. The avalon-logkit fails to compile. It gives up on some HTML syntax mentiond in a comment. Probably the 1.5.0 javac should be used here instead of the 1.6.0. I can't fire a build on koji yet as mx4j is not completely there. Let me copy teh jars and proceed with the bcel and velocity bootstrap.

built both of them. And now for xalan-j2.

Boyyy, I think eventually, for all the packages that I manually built, we should just run an automated script which bumps up the release sensibly (so as not to conflict with newer upstream releases) and rebuild.

xalan-j2 is now ready.
Build classpath-jaf. I can't still build avalon-logkit on koji because of missing mx4j. And in my chroot the build is failing.

Ok, in order to build mx4j, xjavadoc and xdoclet are the biggies in the sense of build dependencies. And xdoclet needs struts, which has further more deps... Lets first get to xjavadoc.
Built javacc, jrefactory deps. Now build xjavadoc. Done. Also build classpath-jaf and saxon in koji, all their buildreqs are now satisfied.

Now I plan to do a mass build of all the packages in the java-development group within dist-f11-build-javabs tag. Many of them will fail, but there will be a lot of successes I hope.

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