Friday, July 3, 2009

Java Bootstrap: Part1

This will be a document of the exact set of steps that I have taken for Java Bootstrapping.
(Thoughts,mistakes,curses all included...) So that I could look back at anything that I have done when something goes wrong later...

Bootstrap java-1.5.0-gcj
with bootstrap=1 option in the spec file.

Forcibly install java-1.5.0-gcj-devel (it has a missing deps on eclipse-ecj)

Build ecj with gcjbootstrap=1 (when it doesn't need ant) (because ant needs ecj again)

Now that you have ecj, build "ant". Ant still needs jaxp_transform_impl, but let me see what happens if I build with 'nodeps'. This is also being built with bootstrap=1. Sigh, the gcj is a really really time consuming task...

Woohoo, that is now done tooo :-) I hope all of this works later...

In the meanwhile, created a separate tag dist-f11-build-javabs in koji which inherits from the dist-f11-build-bs tag. All the rpms that have been "bootstrapped" built "with nodeps" etc. will be imported in this tag, thus not affecting the rest of the system. Once we reach a stage where rpms can be built OOB, then we'll put them in dist-f11. Imported all these rpms in that tag.

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