Friday, July 3, 2009

Java Bootstrap: Part2

ant required xml-common-apis to be installed else it dumped something like this:
+ ant
/usr/bin/build-classpath: error: Could not find xml-commons-apis Java extension for this JVM
/usr/bin/build-classpath: error: Some specified jars were not found

So build xml-commons-apis, but that again uses ant, which needs xml-common-apis...

Hmm... If it is only looking for jars lets try to copy the jars from x86. I am assuming they are arch-agnostic.

# mkdir /tmp/a
# rpm -ivh xml-common-apis.rpm --root /tmp/a --nodeps --ignorearch
# cp /tmp/a/usr/share/java/* /usr/share/java -a

And try to rebuild xml-common-apis again.

Ok, that error went away, but I can't seem to build "javadoc" files. Some search tells me I need sinjdoc to build these. sinjdoc in turn depends on java_cup.

Build java_cup
But java_cup itself builds javadoc. Disable javadoc for now.
Build sinjdoc

Import these in koji.
Ok, now rebuild sinjdoc in koji, java_cup and xml-common-apis properly in koji without any patches. This can be tagged back to dist-f11.

Hmm... Now the bootstrapped "ant" doesn't get all the packages into its dependency list, particularly sinjdoc and xml-commons-apis, thus causing builds to break.

koji add-group-pkg dist-f11-build-javabs sinjdoc xml-commons-apis

That works...

Ok, now let me try to build java-openjdk. It has a lot of dependencies, but I am hoping all of them can be built using the gcjbootstrap option.

Build xml-commons-resolver with "nodeps" (it was looking for java-1.6.0-devel). This got built cleanly.

Ok, now let me try and compile java-1.6.0-openjdk with the current set. For xalan-2 and xerces-j2, I have copied the contents into /usr/share/java. There are a few additional dependencies like netbeans and jakarta-commons-logging, but the spec file says that these are needed only for visual-vm. Let me try to disable visualvm (there is an --enable-visualvm option passed) and see if openjdk gets built.

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